Am i depressed? what's wrong with me?

i'm a twenty-one year old male and i go to school and work full time and i also have a part-time job on the side. i live with my parents, i start my day at 5 in the morning and come home at 10 at night. i get home and i'm angry, sad, lazy, and i feel worthless. i get panic attacks about whether i'm going to succeed or not. i stress about homework and i get frustrated, so i take it out on obsessive cleaning (the house) and yelling at my parents/siblings. is this unhealthy for me to be doing what i'm doing? am i being too hard on myself? am i hurting myself mentally? i've had so many self-issues for the past months and sometimes i feel like i'm going crazy. will i end up getting depressed? should i slow down? i am sacrificing happiness in order to succeed - i believe in that strongly. any words of advice?
Answers:    the answer is in your question - "sacrificing happiness in order to succeed". Happiness is success. Where did you get the idea that "success" is driving yourself crazy with work? Success is not having a lot of money, posessions, acclaim. Get that out of your head. Success is being able to relax and be comfortable where you are. If you work your fingers to the bone, what do you get? Bony fingers! Dude, cut back on your work hours and have some FUN. Take a semester off and do nothing but what YOU want to do. Make some friends, get a hobby. Life is too short to kill yourself to "succeed". email me. smeagol_jr@yahoo
Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Give yourself a break! No one can keep up a schedule like you have. No wonder you're cranky. You didn't tell us though whether the two jobs are really necessary. That is crucial to getting an answer. If you just want some extra're crazy because you'll have no time or inclination to spend it.
If you need it to pay for school ...I'd seriously consider taking a loan out. One of those school loans can be spread out over as long as you need. My son took them out to pay for law school and it enabled him to do it without working.
I think you are being too too hard on yourself. You have to enjoy life and if you continue living in the manner you've described you will become ill , physically and psychologically.
You need to re-evaluate what you call success. Because what you're doing isn't success it's torture.
talk to me if u need a friend. plus take time out. go to a park and relax. listen to music. walk.
I can relate in a way. I am a 23 year old single parent and I am attending nursing school. I have a tone of responsibilities and most of the time I do feel overwhelmed. I get bitter and angry and sad and frustrated. The things that help me out is finding time to spend with myself. I know it might seem crazy but maybe you should try to find time to do things that you enjoy doing to take your mind off of all your stressors. All work and no play can make you feel purposeless and alone. Just try to relax! You'll do fine in school. There is nothing wrong with worrying about good grades just be careful, if you keep going the rate your going you may get burnt out on school pretty fast. Try to believe in yourself and take things easy. If things do get too bad to where you can't control it, then maybe you need to seek some help. It could be professional help or just someone to talk to . I find that when i rant to one of my closest friends about my day i feel releived. It helps. . . . .

Take care and take it easy!
You just need to try and take a break and relax a little. Stress can literally kill you. School and a part time job would work for a little while . you are working yourself to death. Plus, if you don't get at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night, your body can't function properly. That would mean going to sleep as soon as you get home which is hard to do because you need to wind down a little before you try to sleep. Try cutting back a few hours at work or cutting out one of the jobs. If you are not happy all the money in the world, and all the success is not going to fix anything. SLOW DOWN. Success will come to you in due time. You deserve to spend some time taking care of yourself or it won't matter if you succeed because you'll end up on medication and won't be able to enjoy anything. Take it easy. Good luck.
if you were depressed you wouldn't have that kind of energy. you are probably exhausted from work and school. that can be stressfull in its self you may jsut need to do some meditation and relax. you are only twenty one and you are clearly motivated. you may be being hard on yourself because you are probably doing very well. but stress and panic attacks can cause irritability. you might want to talk to your doc about those if they are out of control otherwise take some time for yourself. do some nice things for yourself take your mind off all the stress and hang out with some friends. you need to think of yourself too. hope this helps
Hello. Yes you are being hard on yourself. You should slow down. At the end, success is not about economics. For me success is being healthy and happy, enjoy things and live life a 100%. A consistent and long stress leads to depression. I tell you from my experience. I used to work long hours for 7 years and at the end I got promoted but after a while I got sick. I developed a severe depression and had to quit job.
It made me analize what happiness and life was all about. Right now I am on a part time job. Instead of working in Marketing in a mass consumption company I am teaching english classes. I am much happier now even though I do not earn that much money. Is important to invest time in all the areas of your life: friendships, work, family, partner, etc. Stress leads to an imbalance in brain neurotrasmiters that cause depression and other mental illnesses. Rearrange your life before its too late! Good luck
I'm so sorry you feel that way. It sounds like you are depressed right now. I would see a therapist. Also- don't sacrifice happiness in order to succeed. If you do that you won't ever be happy!
do the best you can, you seem like a very ambitious person that is great but i think there are some people that sacrafice their health too much buy overworking, you are only young once try to balance out your lifestyle a little, if you get a bad mental breakdown it will defeat the purpose for all your hard work, it is good to challenge yourself and have goals but you are human you are not a machine so try and take some time to care for yourself i think a person's health condition is more important than anything else
Your just overwhelmed, your not getting enough sleep.
try getting a scholar ship or student loans to pay for
some of your schooling. Think about it, how are you able
to study if your at work all the time. It's hard to manage
just school by itself. I believe you should slow it down.
Your physically wearing yourself out.

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