What is the difference between a male orgasm compared to a woman's?

Answers:    A male orgasm consists of one climax, concurrent with ejaculation, followed by sedation. A female orgasm can consist of several climaxes, and is usually followed by an increase in physical energy.
Not sure, I've never had a womans orgasm.
its mostly in the penis and prostateeeeeeeeeee (batwings)
Difference is.men can actually have an orgasm. The female orgasm is a myth.
No one alive has yet answered that question, my dear.
Women can fake it vs. men cant

a male orgasm is caused by female while a female's orgasm is caused by male.. Hope this helps..
It only takes a male orgasm to cause a pregnancy
girls can fake them... no really a guys orgasm has sperm in it and a womens doesnt. i'm not sure what kind of answer u want.
A woman can do it at will, a man only a few times.
womens tend to last longer..
i dunno i've never had a male orgasm.
guys wont fake it :P
I suppose they are similar. Both would feel ontop of the world and high!
Probably the speed it takes to be over.
Well, when a male orgasms he. o jeez how old are you? I don't feel right telling younger people. I think you'll figure it out later in life.
we shoot stuff out, u can too but its rare and usually we can have only 1 then we have to wait to reload but u girls dont
I don't think anybody will ever know that question, because you can really only know by experiencing each. Maybe a hermaphrodite is the only person who could really answer that question.
'Wisdom R'--You are VERY wrong.

Maybe it's a myth when the ladies are with you...
a male's orgasm is pretty obvious. but a woman's is a mystery. my gf always tells me sometimes she just wasn't in the "mood" even after i thought she was having a good time.
It's hard to say.. like a males is all at one point, and a girls is like spread out.. but how would you know... I've never had a female orgasm feeling..
umm i would say you guys last longer
concave versus convex

God is a nobody
We can have several in a short amount of time. They have one and then nap!
Hard telling, but as a male I have faked. You just gotta wear a condom and quickly dispose of the evidence.
are you special ed? theyre ORGAS*s jus caused by different sexes ...same sh*T dude (i hadda do that gay * things cause my comp is on block so chea)
Hmm .. I guess the man's is really just one shot . when the ejaculation occurs ... it's done. The womans is more of a drawn out thing ... more like contractions ..

Other than that .. male orgasm is needed for the fertilization to occur . the woman's is not.

Life is so unfair .
We c0m&

they GO...

.straight to sleep!


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