Are there ways to higher a man's.?

sperm count without abstinence? We want to raise his sperm count but we also don't want to go more then 24 hours without having it? Is there something else that will work? We want to have a baby andwe have been trying for over a year.
Answers:    So you cant hold off for a few days? I think abstinence is the sure way but you might find men's pills for that kind of thing at a vitamin world or GNC.

Has he been tested? Maybe its not sperm count thats the issue?
sperm is made every day
omg just wait and ull get pregant
Sperm count has nothing to do with sex. Sperm count is the amount of Sperm that is in the semen. I don't know how to rasie the sperm count however I do know that the amount of sex you have has nothing to do with it.
I think you should opt for abstinence as a first option, despite your desire to the contrary. That should at least increase the semen volume and amount of sperm. Failing that I would seek medical advice for fertility options. Good luck
The simplest and safest thing to do is give it a rest
There are suppliments that increase a man's sperm count, but you should also look into things that increase the motility. Doesn't matter if he produces extra if it's dying before reaching the destination. Speak with a fertility specialist to find out what's available.

(And abstinance doesn't produce more sperm - once the ..erm... storage site, is full the body stops creating it. That's why men have wet dreams, is so the body can flush it out to make room for new stuff. So don't be afraid to go at it like bunnies.)

Good luck!
Try "torture" technique. This is where you don't let him ejaculate but still arouse him all the same. Tell him to tell you when he is about to have orgasm and then you can just stop arousing him. Keep doing this until he can't hold it anymore. He will have a really big orgasm and more semen will be ejaculated and thus more spermotozoans.
products that increase testosterone production and lower estrogen levels, or simply an estrogen blocker would do the trick.
your question was you want to raise his sperm count, well you can increase the volume of his sperm by drinking plenty of water(essential this) eat at least one large tin of tomatoes (chopped)a day ,two is better,take a daily suppliment of vitamin C, folic acid, and zinc, also try to eat a portion of almonds three times a week, (not easy to do that one) tinned tomatoes not fresh ones, tinned are much better for you than fresh its somthing to do with the food process, tomatoes are also very good for you in a number of ways, they are very good for your prostate.
Remember the body takes over 60 days to manufacture sperm, but you must keep doing it so it keeps up the manufacturing process.
Keep on the above for the 60 days and he will be shooting all over the place!
You can serve tinned tomatoes with lots of different things.
With frozen mixed veg and tuna.
With chicken, almost anything and its all healthy and if you use your imagination it can be so varied.
Yep give it a day or two rest and it will higher.

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