What happens when the guy is having wet dreams?

Answers:    Sperm comes out of your penis while you're sleeping, it your body's way of relieving it self (Wet dreams)

most boys and men masturbate and have wet dreams when they stop for a while.

i hope this answers your question...
Lol. you might want to ask your mom or someone that is an adult that you trust on kid!
You Man hood start leaking
he dreams he's swimming
He can't help it. It's when he's dreaming of sex.
Their penis gets erect and they can also produce pre-ejaculate. And in some cases a man can have a full blown orgasm during sleep and ejaculate.
haha i had a wet dream...lol only 1 and im 15...it was pretty wierd. but its just pre-*** that comes out...
You should consider rubber sheets or a mattress protector.
The boy or man is dreaming usually a sexually provocative dream which ends in ejaculation during orgasm and thus is called a "wet dream" Have a nice day and do wash the sheets.

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