How come I have to pee after i masturbate?

Answers:    I think it the body's natural way to keep the urethra clean. Your pee washes out any leftovers that might remain in your shaft.
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You know how someone has to pee after something exciting happens or they have been scared out of their wits and feel the urge to pee? After an intense session of masturbation, you have stimulated your privates as well as the rest of your body. That may squeeze your bladder, and therefore you have an immediate need for the toilet.
Wow, I do that too... lol.
Scientifically, I am not sure, but as the first poster said, it's a good thing because it clears out your "piping" and reduces any dribbles. It's possible that the ejaculate stimulates some part of your urinary system which sends a signal to your brain that you have to pee. It's common.

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