Is masturbating with lube better or not?

does lube make a difference in the sensation?
Answers:    It varies for different guys.

Some guys claim it makes it a whole lot better, while others, like me, find it a nuissance since it just adds too much of a mess to clean up and doesn't add more pleasure to me (but I'm uncircumcised, so it's already moist, so I guess that's why, lol).

Anyways, here's some suggestions on what to use:

You're better off to try it yourself and see how it compares. After, this is only affecting you and not anyone else. =)

Keep in mind that different lubricants last longer and make different amounts of mess. So it may be best to try a few different kind, too.
Hit the singles bar, man. That's the best kind of sensation.
Lube rocks
I like lube because you can masturbate so many ways with it, and it feels better.
It depends on what you want to do and how often. I would say try it and see how you like it.

There are lots of things to add to your pleasure of masturbating like: Lube, co*ck rings, tubes, etc.

Good Luck, No Rules
lube all the feels really good with it...just think of it like your penis going into a wet works for me..
If you are circumcised, it would be a good idea to use lube.
yes. go out and get some lube. dont use lotion though.
if you want a different feeling, Yes it's good, it also give you more pleasure in exploring your body.

have fun and enjoy!
Its personal preference. You have to try both ways and make up your own mind on this.
Whatever turns you on the mostest is the bestest. Likely there will be a difference in the sensation. Why don't you just try it dry and then with lube and see - feel - for yourself.

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