MEN:who's better Blondes or REDheads?

Out of sexiness, phisique, and just plain ol' beauty. Who would be the best bet? BLONDE or REDHEAD?
Answers:    Being 'better' is a subjective analysis that needs to be proven. Until that is done they have to be classified as equal women. Both are beautiful and full of potential.
I prefer the Jesika hair color
I like girls of all hair colors, but I especially like redheads.
mamaz, It depends on the type of guy you want to attract. Personally I like redheads think they are more fun. Don't seem to be self conscious of there looks, more care free.
You must try one time Blond and another time Red and you see witch better.
of course this is just my opinion but i have never been influenced by hair color. women have tons of others qualities that i find immensely more attractive then hair color. but since i suppose this should be kept "G" rated i won't include the specifics. LOL
All woman are sexy but nothing beats a brunette with blue eyes.
Redheaded guys are cute too!
And just what does this have to do with Men's Health? Are you aware that there is a Singles and Dating area for questions like this?
Ditto what maple said
Redheads; all the way!
Asian woman are the best.
my experience is that blondes have finer pubic hair which make them more alluring - for me you understand?
redheads.not enough of them in the world
well,seeing that i'm about to marry a redhead,you figure it out.
Neither, it is the brunettes that rule. We don't have all the recessive genes common among the other two. Overall we are genetically less likely to get chronic genetic diseases. I'm BSing you... Have a nice day.
wellllll i love em both,but to be honest,,,most blondes are just redheads withe the fire f*cked outta them!
both !


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