Does "pre-come" contain sperm?

Answers:    This has been subject of great debate over the years. If you have ejaculated recently and have not urinated before having another erection and reaching an excited state again, you are more likely to have sperm in your pre-ejaculate. More importantly, it matters not whether you personally have any sperm in your pre-ejaculate because protection should be worn at all times, not just for your safety but for your partner's too.
It's chock full of it. Just remember my little tip and you'll be fine... "If it's wet and not yours...Don't touch it"
Better you find out like this than I did. YES IT DOES. I thought I was slick by pulling it out. NOPE. Well all I'm going to say is now I have a 5 month ond daughter.
yes those are the best swimmers!
Yup it does contains sperm, and the best thing is that is where most of the sperm is, because there is more sperm in pre-come than in regular ejaculation!!
It most certainly does!! thats why withdrawal method does not work
yes, always wear a condom.
yes, a couple.

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