Which is the best shaving creme for men?

I need to know!
Answers:    Gillette- The best a man can get!

yeah, it makes me feel rugged and macho after i use it in the morning.
chicken grease.
a hot shower. Shaving creme is a marketing ploy
Best are shaving foams and not creams. Foams are my favourites. There r lots of options in foams possible. They are just neat, less clumsy, less wet on your hands, etc.
I took a hint from my sister years ago, and saw that she shaved her legs in the shower, so I tried (seems like a hundred years ago!!) shaving about half way through my shower.and I've never gone back to standing at the sink to shave...you're already wet, and your pores are more open and the beard is also wet and moist, and you get the closest shave that way...I use a shave gel, I find it easier to portion in my hand and it's easier to apply..I can shave so closely that my face feels like a baby's ***.
I don't like shaving creams that much anymore. I used shaving creams for years, but I think shaving gel works better. I like Edge shaving gel.
Whacha shaving?
Zirh shave gel is great.

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