Do i weight normal?

im 15, 5'11'' and i weight 140?
Answers:    Yes, you are perfect for 15 for a small build.
Yes, perfect-o :)
Yes you do weigh normal for your size and height.
No your to light for your height
yeah your big and in great shape
Yes you do. Your BMI (body mass index) is 19.5 which is in the normal range for your height.
too light u need to pack on the chzburgers
Yep, a little light but I'm sure you'll add a few pounds more to that as you develop more. =)

Ideal weight calculator:
Yes I used a bmi calculator and for a 15 year old boy who weighs 140.0 pounds and is 5"11 you have a BMI of 19.6 and are in the 45.6th percentile, which is a healthy weight, so you are perfect in every way! Dont worry about it!
I put your height and weight in on the Body Weight Index at and it came back as normal. A BWI takes your height and weight and uses some formula and your age to tell you if your underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.
that is good you must be skinny

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