Does anyone else mastrubate?

i do i just wondering if its normal and what if my mom catches me
Answers:    Anyone who says they never have is a LIAR!

If your mom catches you, she'll probably
be more willing to let you get a lock for
your bedroom door.
All the time. Let her watch you.
Nope. You're the only one.

(rolling my eyes).

Well, fool..don't do it somewhere where she'll catch you. See how simple that was?
everyone does .i´m a woman and i do to :)
Its a universal practice among men over 90% of males masturbate some are doing it right now!
yes its normal, every man does it or did it, just try not to get caught.
Yeaaah! EVERY Man does! Unless... They're weird and don't like the feeling (FREAAAAAAAAAK), They're not strong enough, They have better things to do/Not in the mood...EVER (Always upset)


If they have no arms!

And I do it when my Mum and Dad are asleep and I also close my door, so if someone comes in I'll hear my door and can quickly stop!


(( I have NEVER been caught by the way )) =D
Almost every guy masturbates, I don't care what they say. If some guy says they don't, call him on it, he's lying. About your mom, she probably already knows you do it. If she catches you, which hopefully she won't, it depends greatly on her how she will react. She will probably just back out and split, and maybe talk to you about it later. Like I said, it really depends on her.
It's natural and everyone does it, whether they admit it or not!
i'm sure other people do. and if your mom catches you, ask her to give you a hand lol
yes and lock the door next time (works every time)
No,you are the first and only one ever to have ever masturbated.
don't worry every man does it. nothing to worry is normal, but just don't do it all the time
Of course people masturbate!! it's a part of life, but it shouldn't take over your life!! if you do it at bedtime into a paper towel or tissue no one will know!
from what i know, all guys do.
just lock yourself in your bedroom or the bathroom n she ownt
what teen boy doesnt, if ur mom caught you that would be embarrassing.
every boy/man does it, i have heard that even babies do it but in an different way, they play with them self. Teens do it the most, and we all have

if you mom caught you it would be embarssing. Lock the door or do it when nobody is home.

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