What can i do about a rape that happened 20 years ago in England?

Answers:    You need to elaborate,I don't fully understand the question.I don't think Britain has statute of limitation laws,it doesn't matter when a crime was committed.
Wow. Im sorry that this happened but I dont think you can do anything in that long a period. You can talk to an officer and ask their advise, especially if you know the person that committed the crime. Im really sorry.
Forgive the guy so you can move on from it.
its hecka long time... why just now?
statue of limitations has ended.Sorry
Like do you wnat to report it or did it happen to you?I'm not sure what you cn do about it but just don't hurt anyone..sorry that i couldn't help i just need more info
Why now?
And who would believe you!
sorry but i think it's been to long to do anything now. plus after 20 years there would be no proof. if it bothers you talk to a counsler
Not a whole lot at this point
There may not be much you can do after twenty years. You could always ask at a police station or ask a solicitor for advice.
Probably not much. To get on with your life sit down and write a letter to your attacker, put all your anger, frustration, rage, lack of being in control and get it out of your system. You do not have to mail this letter just burn it and that symbolizes the cleansing of yourself and this tragic event in your life.
You need to get on with your life. If you know your attacker and want to confront them take someone big with you. It is not easy to move on but that is what you need to do. It hurts you more than them and it can ruin your life to have it fester. Why did you wait so long?
Maybe you were unable to face it before but please do so now and try and get on with your life. Write down all the positive things that have happened to you and meditate on those.

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