Is it strange to never have had a wet dream?

I've never had a wet dream I'm 21 and not sexually acitve. one of my friends says that it is weird and unhealthy for that to not happen but another one says its fine. I'm asking this question in all seriousness.
Answers:    its not strange at all. if you masterbate then you probably wouldnt have one. most guys have dreams like that when they are in their teens when their testosterone levels are higher.
hey , this not much common but nothing to be wiered , it mat happen in some boys in theirs teens iin some till 30s.
I'm 23, i only get off once a week or so and ive never had one.
So its not strange.
lots of Guys have never had a Wet Dream.

they have been guys that had many wet dreams (more then one)

It's perfectly normal...:)
not at all
You are ok. You obviously never had a build up of semen your body needed to expell. I have had only one.
Not strange at all.
And a lot less messy!

Don't worry about it.

hey buddy

its perfectly fine. most probably you jack off often so semen doesn't have to go out at night.

try stopping jacking off and you'll experience a wet dream...

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