Why does pubic hair exist & in what style u like to see it, shaved,nicely trimmed or jungly intact?

Answers:    Pubic hair has lots of functions:
--prevents chaffing
--keeps the area warm in winter and cool in summer
--is a clear sign of adulthood (which is why some guys almost throw up when they see a shaved woman--it makes them feel they are about to have sex with a child, which is a major taboo)
--maybe most importantly, it allows air to circulate better in the region. This evaporates sweat and actually REDUCES odor! If you have no hair there, fungus and bacteria thrive in the dampness, and you can get some serious infections, as well as non-serious ones that just make you itch and/or smell bad.

Hair is functional, but it's also sensuous, mysterious, and just plain SEXY!
some people don't like it but i like it on my hubby because when i am on top it helps out when i am trying to get mine. if you know what i mean
it look better braided or in a pony tail
why it exist im not sure, probably from before when they didn't wear clothes and needed some protection down there. I DONT know i kinda pulled that out of my *** any way. Personaly I prefer none shaved smooth! , or very nicely trimmed. But either way it doesn't really bother me!
Pubic hair function is to retain secretions from Sebaceous glands found at armpit and pubic region. "Sebum acts to protect and waterproof hair and skin, and keep them from becoming dry, brittle, and cracked. It can also inhibit the growth of microorganisms on skin."

I like to shave mine (I'm a female) because it feels nicer and smoother. It's also cleaner. I also like shaved for men for the same reasons. Pubic hair is gross. Who wants a mouth full of hair when preforming oral sex too.
Pubic hair also serves the function of retaining the smells from that region which contain pheromones,a big turn on for the ladies,It is also thought to act as a kind of advertisement,it clearly advertises the fact that the person is of an age therefore they can mate.
hey buddy

it actually depends.
some like it shaven but more wild women like it all natural and all grown out

But nowadays, trimmed pubic hair is better. Not too long, not too short.

yup, also pubic hair functions to secret a smell that according to studies done on armpit hair, women are attracted to.

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