Cumming quick?

when im having sex i tend to *** quick at time and sometimes i last very long. I wonted to know if they was any reason why i *** quick sometimes. thanks
Answers:    It happens for me. It really has to do with your arousal level and your desire. If I really am not into it that much, I will fast. If I am really turned on and things are going the way I like, I can last really as long as I want to. The only other thing that factors into that is whether or not you find the owoman attractive. Like she's cool fully dressed but undress it's not that hot but your already to far into it stop. I will cu.m faster than a Porsche.
you may be gay, check into it
Try taking it slow and changing positions often, giving the little guy a break to catch his breath so to speak.
Sometimes you will finish quicker if it's been a while since you've had relations. There are lots of other reasons though too. It can have to do with how turned on you are and how long you've been turned on before you actually start the whole procedure. I'd say, variety is the spice of life, so why mess with a good thing?
I always found that as well as what Pokie said above, that if the girl is tight, as in physically nexperienced, the stimulation on the glans (I'm cut) was higher, and I had difficulty in holding off. Slowing down the movement helps me, but not her. My remedy for the syndrome has been extensive foreplay, with skilful use of fingers, whole hand, mouth and tongue. It's fun, too. Giving her a couple of climaxes before I plunge is generally appreciated. Oh, and the plunge, when it comes, id sudden, hard, and controlled.
Your level of excitement / arousal would indicate to me how quickly you ejaculate. The more excited you are, the quicker you get there
Hi there. Most men experience premature ejaculation at one time or another. As you know, it helps to concentrate on something else while engaging in sex to last longer. Sometimes, with heightened sexual excitement, premature ejaculation happens. A condom might help decrease your sensitivity. Putting firm pressure on the top of the head of the penis can prolong performance if done before orgasm. I think things will improve for you if you use these techniques and for now, your problem isn't that bad. Have a great week.
You can stop premature ejaculation by natural exercise easily , read , Christian Gudnasons' book, The Ejaculation Master book, , this guy grantees you ways that will help you have much longer sex , its just basically a few professional exercises that strengthen you ejaculation system in a few days
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