Have you ever been bitten by a bug and noticed a peculiar symmetry?

For the past two nights I have woken up with bug bites. I opened my screenless window and blame that. It munched my elbows and shoulders on both sides. There are so many bites the thing must have gorged itself. I scoured my home and deep cleaned but there were no bugs. Then, it showed itself. It looked like a cross between an ant and a mosquito with a flickering antenna. I chose to toilet paper pinch capture it and set it in the rock garden out front. Something about this experience feels earthy. Anyone had similar experiences?
Answers:    well its probably a queen ant. they have wings, I dotn know the flickering antanna, but it sounds like a queen ant. go get some aspertame (suger free sweetener, they come in little pink packets alot) and sprinkle it around where the ants are, they will eat it and die.
No, I can't testify to that one.
A Little.
why is this labeled as mens health?

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