Are the size/shape of a man's lips/tongue/mouth relative to other 'parts' ?

Sorry, I know this sounds rude, I just have a celebrity crush and I wonder about him.. ! ? he has a large mouth, lips, long tongue... big eyes.. biggish nose..
I can usually work out accurately from hands but can't find many close ups of his hands...
Answers:    there hasn't actually been a study into this but there is a general belief that the size of a man's feet is the same as the private parts of his anatomy. A couple of other beliefs are that the length from the base of this hand to the tip of his middle finger, or from his thumb to his index finger (when held at 90dC to make an 'L' shape) is the same size. These could very easily be wrong but if he has big hands and feet, why not just imagine that it's true and enjoy the thoughts?
Who is it?
Have only heard about the link between shoe size and other parts of the anatomy!
If he has such a long tongue I wouldn't worry too much about his other "parts"
Try his brain.
well the penis is usually longer than the legs
Ive heard that the middle finger is the same size as a mans rudey parts but its not true non of its true fingers, mouths, noses, non of its true ! ! !
Everything is unrelated. Someone could have tiny lips, feet, and a huge penis. Doesn't matter.
someone welsh?
If`he`s a so called celebrity stop wondering because you will never find out anyway.
Sounds a bit like that monster out of that medusa film with harry hamlin in it. If it is then his tail was longer than his leg
No, I used togo out with a guy who only had small feet but a huge penis.
Well, I've got quite a lot of experience with men of almost all nationalities and racial groups { I used to be a call girl }. From the observations I've made through the years, I can say that there's no relationship whatsoever between the size of a man's lips, mouth, forehead, tongue, etc. and the size of his genitalia.
About nose size, my boyfriend's got a big, pointed, jewish-type nose; his penis is less than 5 inches in full erection.
nope, cos my tounge is small so it can't be true
There is a relationship between them. They are all body parts.
well its no good wandering about that cause you never find out lmao
No, there is no relationship
What you wondering about the size of his equipment for? You probably aint getting a close up of that - be it in real life or in Hello magazine! Oh hang on, though, how much were they offering?? Money talks with the celebs.
Your description makes him sound like a dog! And no I have never noticed a correlation between the things you mention. I think their hands give a fairly accurate idea though.

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