Is marijuana healthy or not?

Some people say that it release stress, others say that it creates dependance, I think not. Is there any advantage about weed other then emptying your closets and supporting local restaurant economy at 3am?
Answers:    The reason pot gives you the munchies is because it effects your blood sugar levels. If here is any diabetes or obesity in your family, you may want to take that into consideration.

Over the last 40 years I have been around a lot of pot smokers. I have observed that for some people it is just a stress reliever but that for some other people it turns them into idiots. I mean that it actually made them dumber permanently.

You should honestly observe your reactions and see how it affects YOU. If it makes you stupid and lazy, including pot in your lifestyle is probably a bad idea. But if you have a high-stress job and it doesn't have an adverse effect on you, then it might be okay. Everybody is different.

Also realize that using illegal drugs can have a negative impact on your future job opportunities. Who knows, you may want to president some day.
THC is an antioxident and is neuroprotective (Protects Brain Cells not kill them)( And is not addictive according to studies done in monkeys with surgically implanted catheters. The monkeys did not self administer THC. If they did self administer that would mean its addictive.(
It is not healthy as it is bad for your lungs and it kills off your brain cells. Why would you want to kill of your brain cells?
I don't think there's any advantage about weed. It only makes you act "duhhhhh". A good warm bath, a glass of wine and some nice and relaxing music would do great!
it worse for your lungs then smoking tobacco, kills brain cells, can cause erectile dysfunction, can cause depression, and contrary to popular stoner opinion can be highly addictive.
This is my opinion.

Marijuana should be used for medical purposes. Not for relieving stress or making yourself feel better. It really only makes matters worse.
I have watched a friend of mine get into that stuff, and it has only dragged her/him down even lower. And when I say lower, I mean lower.
So no, I don't think it's healthy unless really needed medically (prescribed by a doctor). And a good medical reason to prescribe it is for people diagnosed with glaucoma.
not worse than cigarets
its not really good for you, you can relieve stress by whacking off ,
I believe marijauna is no worse for someone than the endless supply of antidepressants prescribed nowadays. For most users (at least for me) it works to relieve anxiety and help me relax. I am a very high strung person and when I get high I am able to calm down and collect my thoughts. This is the same effect displayed by prozac or zoloft. There is such a double standard in today's society about marijauna being unhealthy and unlawful, while most prescription drugs are far more addictive, potent, and provide more negative side effects. Yet, everyone and their brother is on some sort of depression medicine and that is considered completely cool. I smoke several times per day, still maintain an extremely lucrative career with the federal govt., compete at the National level of amatuer track and field, and carry on a very normal social life. The only real negative is the fact that you are breathing in smoke, but just stand on a street corner in a densly populated city for a few hours and you have inhaled the same amount of toxins. Everybody wants to ** about harmful smoke from cigarrettes and doobies, but rarely do these people complain about the toxins they are breathing that come from their gas-guzzling suv's.

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