Is it better to be circumcised?

i never got circumcised but it seems women like it cut.i'm not sure about the health factors of being circumcised but should i get circuncised or not?
Answers:    People like what they're used to, in the US, most women are used to a circumcised penis so they'd prefer that. But between 70-80% of the world's male population is uncircumcised, so clearly most of the women that go with that population either prefer an uncircumcised penis or don't care.

If you've never experienced any (or many) problems with being uncircumcised and you maintain good hygiene of the foreskin and penis, then circumcision probably isn't a good idea. The foreskin is easy enough to take care of, if you know what you're doing (see link 1). The only real medical health benefit of circumcision is if you're suffering from severe phimosis (where the foreskin opening is so tight/narrow that erections are painful) and/or recurrent & frequent irritations/infections despite all hygiene efforts.

Recently, there have been studies that seem to indicate that circumcision might lower the rate of HIV contraction. Even if this is entirely true, it doesn't present the full info. According to other studies, proper and prompt genital hygiene essentially negates the difference between uncircumcised and circumcised men with regards to HIV contraction rates (see link 2). Also, no one knows what the cause-effect relation of circumcision and HIV is, so it's just a strong correlation at this point. As such, the HIV studies are still in heavy debate about the ethics and methods resulting from it (see links 3-5). Regardless of the study, safe sex (such as condom use and monogamy) trumps circumcision any day.

Circumcision does also decrease sexual sensation since a lot of nerve endings in the foreskin are removed (see link 6, and link 7 for the actual study). Circumcision has also been found to decrease the sexual satisfaction of not only the guy, but the woman as well (see link 8). So while women might seem to like a circumcised penis, they probably don't know otherwise and consequently don't know how good an uncircumcised penis might potentially be.

The last three links are just other info and discussions on circumcision. Some of them are quite biased against circumcision, but the points they make are still valid. If I were you, and I've never had any problems with being uncircumcised, I'd leave it that way.
It is definitely much healthier to be cirumsized. Bacteria can get in there and cause you some serious problems.
it just looks nicer=but the choice is totally up to you as you live with it right
If you're already grown up, it is recommended that you just accept it.

It's not a BIG BIG deal, you know?

Relax. Many women will go either way, regardless of anything.

There are "inconveniences" to being uncircumcised, but it is not life-threatening, and it is not socially fatal.

Relax. Please.
Yes, Go to a qualified doctor to have it circumcise to be safe and clean
Sex would not be as good as it was after circumcision.
I think you should get circumcised.I was told that the for skin of an uncircumcised penis can hold germs and bacteria. Plus a circumcised penis looks so much better :) Just my opinion! Good luck
No, unless needed for medical reasons, which is rare.

I'm a moderator at another site and I've never seen an uncircumcised guy complain that his wife doesn't like it; that's because women usually say they don't like it, but when they go for it they do. Women tend to say they prefer what are used to; but that's just natural; you tend to prefer what you have (whether it is a car or company...)

Cleaning isn't a problem, I'm sure you and I already know. People assume that a foreskin is automatically dirty, when in fact it only takes five seconds in the shower to slide it back and rub the head; which feels quite good. Nothing 'grows' there unless you go for like a week without showering; just like women can get smegma to; but since we're in modern time, we have proper hygiene.

When erect, an uncircumcised and circumcised penis look very similar, since the foreskin slides back.

The foreskin slides up and down to stimulate the head during sex and masturbation.

New studies have found (again) that circumcision reduces pleasure by big percentages and reduces sensitivity.

In addition, more and more parents are choosing not to circumcise their boys; it's as low as 14% in some states compared to being almost universal a few decades ago. The US remains the only industrialized nation to continue to do this surgery (Europe, Asia, and Latin America don't). As far as HIV/AIDS claims go, let's just that the US has both the highest circumcision rate and highest HIV/AIDS rate in the industrialized world; while the nations with the lowest circumcision rates (Europe) has the lowest HIV/AIDS rate. Perhaps in Africa where they can't shower it may be a problem; but not here.

Here are all the sources:
depends on individual, I prefer not, of course always wash before actual play.
I'm uncircumcised, of course I clean the foreskin and the glans (head) everyday; its very easy to maintain. For a guy to be getting "funky" there then he's not showering at all and has much larger issues. If I experience any health problems as a result then I would get cut, but I haven't experienced any. There is likely some increase in the incidence of HIV with being uncut, however, since I don't have unprotected sex with "random" women I'm not terribly concerned. I would be concerned about a loss of sensation in the glans during sex if I had it done. While I might consider having it done if it bothered a girl that I cared about, I wouldn't base your decision on the prejudice of girl's you don't know.
Oh,it looks so much nicer,Oh it is cleaner.Oh the bacteria wont grow there.Oh it's much better.Oh it looks good.Oh it's healthier.All of these trite statements put forward by women and not one shred of evidence offered other than a personal preference.Just when will these stupid people realize that it is surgery,not a haircut.Would they be so keen if men thought the woman would look nicer if they were circumcised?I very much doubt it but,they are advocating that a man should have a part of his body chopped off because they think it is prettier.As i said once before,the are shallower than a damp patch on a sunny day.I would never have that operation done just because some dumb woman said she though it looked nicer but,since I don't associate with air heads or bimbos it isn't something I will have to face
This is very much a personal decision, but the answer is

So you may ask why, and here you go:

1. In the olden days, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Americans somehow got the notion that the foreskin was evil and harbored germs, bacteria, saturated fat, the devil, so they just cut it off without a thought. Of course, all those germs and bacteria account for the reports we get every day about millions and millions of European, African, Russian, Australian, and Asian men constantly dropping dead from infections caused by not being circumcised. The horror. The horror.

Of course this germ & bacteria notion is just overblown nonsense. Assuming you wash your body with soap & water from time to time, and wash in between & under & through the areas that have to be moved out of the way, you have nothing to worry about. Besides, do you know how many parts of our bodies actually DO harbor germs & bacteria and you CAN'T effectively clean them? I guess there go millions more, and women too! You don't even want to THINK about female genitalia and germs. I guess that's why most hetero couples use a couple of good bursts from a Lysol can before sex.

Just shower or bathe now & then & you'll be fine. Use soap.

2. That skin that Americans discard without a thought is actually full of nerve endings that register pleasure, just like a lot of skin in that area. Once you cut off and throw away the foreskin with all those nerve endings, you will have less ability to feel pleasure in that area, and there's no way of getting it back.

Men who do foreskin reconstruction stretch the skin that they have, but they are just redistributing the nerve endings they have over a larger area. You are actually capable of feeling more pleasure with that foreskin exactly where it is instead of tossing it in the medical waste bin.

3. It is true that for all of us guys, including you, and me too, our most frequent sexual partner will always be ourselves. By a HUGE margin. Just Yahoo search it, or check out the Kinsey reports, or simply think about it (be honest, now).

So the question really is, what makes for the most enjoyable self-pleasuring? And there's not much question here, you guys who aren't circumcised have a big advantage when you're flying solo. I mean, us circumcised guys make it work and all, but you've got one nice, stimulating sheath riding up & down over some prime real estate. Why in the world would you give that up?

4. You know the old saying, the only person you have to please is yourself (there must be some kind of old saying like that). Of course, that applies nicely to #3, above, but also, what does it matter if your partner doesn't like your foreskin? Gay or straight, there are areas of your partner's anatomy that make a little foreskin look like Marilyn Monroe on her former best day.

And if you don't think it's attractive, decorate it! Paint it festive colors, or put some happy stickers on it! I've seen some wonderful tattoos on that very area, and piercings, too. What? You think that might hurt? That's right, best to stick with a nice, painless circumcision. No way that could be painful.

5. If your partner is at all clever about sex, he, she, or it will incorporate your foreskin into forplay. If they aren't able to do that, you really need to start looking for someone with a little imagination.

If you want to go even further, and find someone who specifically WANTS your foreskin, just to go & you'll be surprised how much some people want it. Bad.

Well, there's your answer. I'm circumcised, and I really wish I weren't, 'cause I think of all of my former nerve endings long ago disposed of, and the lube I usually use when if I had a foreskin I'd not give it a thought, and the rapidly growing foreskin restoration business, and I wonder why anyone would get rid of such a wonderful part of their bodies.

If you just have to spend the money, get a nose job or something.
Matter of personal preference. If you keep the area clean by pulling back the foreskin and washing the head well daily, health issues will not be a factor. Otherwise, cut or uncut is a personal decision.

The American Medical Association, the American Association of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization - all agree there is NO medical benefit to circumcision.

If you decide to have this done as a cosmetic surgery, remember that you will be removing a large number of nerve endings that you are used to enjoying during sex; so your pleasure will be reduced. In some cases, adults that have a circumcision find they cannot finish during vaginal intercourse, and have to finish off by hand.

As an adult, it's up to you to make this choice; just don't force it on your children; let them stay intact and make their choice as adults.

Less than 60% of boys in America are now circumcised; and less than 15% worldwide are circumcised.

The health and medicine information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.
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