Ok, i know this is a little personal but i have a problem, i am addicted to masturbation, how do i stop?

Answers:    I can't believe anyone would want to stop. If its not interfering with your life what is the problem? Just slow down a little. This is too good a thing to just stop.
Addiction? You are a male.
go to www.healthystrokes.com. You will find you are normal.
ahh u can ether have alot more (safe) sex or spend all ur time with ppl
personaly i chose the first one
You need a triple dose of Jesus Christ in your life.To be taken daily 7 times a day with reading the bible.It worked for me.
don't let yourself be alone.
I will say that is not addiction, is more active. there is no harm, why you want to stop it. Anyway. is all in your mind, keep yourself busy and stay away from your bedroom if you are not going to sleep.
does it inter fear with your life...like you don't go to work or school because you have to rub one out..
You're normal
wait till you need viagra,then don't take it
Tie your hands to a sheep, that'll stop it!
Alot of us gusy masturbate alot its not a big issue believe me!
Think of an apple? Well may I ask what do u think of when you beat your monkey? I mean how many times do u do it? Do you look at porn? Do u *** lots? Where do you do it?
By avoiding thinking of nude and led to mastubation...why dont try to spend more time in the works that make you sweat..heavyworks. im sure you will forget thinking of that, because its start from your mind.
Why stop altogether? I think it would be more realistic if you limited yourself to masturbating at bedtime. You'll sleep well and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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