Why don't men wax (their faces)?

Why don't men wax (their faces)?
This my be a stupid question but why dont men wax their faces.
If women get hairs in their faces, the tweezer or face waxing comes out but men always shave.

Is it a man thing? Tradition? or is there some medical thing that they dont.?

It would mean more short term pain I know, but the skin would be more silky smooth, no more razer burn, cuts and irration and less time wasted shaving.

I know men who wax every part of there bodys (except face) so to them pain is not a factor but they shave every morning.

i saw jackass last night (the one were steve o waxs his eyebrows off) and the this question has been stuck in my head all day
Answers:    God I hate all these women trying to answer this question when it's directed toward men.
Why don't I go to Women's Health and answer questions about menstrual cramps?

Men's facial hair is a lot more coarse and thick than any hair on a woman's face or body.
Yall wax and twease the eyebrows and fine mustache hair...but ours like 20 times more thick and is all over our cheeks, chin, neck. The face/neck is a lot more sensitive to waxing than legs, arms, underarms, etc.
actually.. think i may try it some time!!
That would hurt - it would be like waxing your head.
My wife and sister pined me down once and waxed a part of my face and upper neck. It removed the hair and the skin, very painful
Coz they are babies you know what they are like if they get a cold they have man flu!
they could not take the pain
Well, the answer is obvious! Men couldn't possibly stand that much pain!

This is why it is the women who have the babies!
because it HURTS. do u like waxing your chin? no. u do it cuz u have to. it's easier to take pain on the extremities - legs, chest, back, etc.
the answer to that is, men dont have babies! if they did then waxing would be a doddle *lol*
it would hurt, im not up for that kind of pain
if they have shaved so much..they should not..that would be painful
but i think the younger generation should as they have not ye been shaving so much...so if they have hair they should wax
Yeah, men's facial hair is really thick - it's not the same as what women get. If I waxed my face, there would be bloody spots where each hair was - that would be bad.
The hair on womens faces is very fine and slow growing, whereas on men, it is coarse and fast growing. If a man was to try and wax his face, he would end up with blood where every hair was, as each hair would remove a small amount of skin with it, making it very painful. After the bleeding has stopped, each hair follicle would become red, imflamed, and most probably irritating. This could lead to permanent scarring if the hair was thick enough. Hence, shaving is not only less painful, it's less damaging to the skin.
any waxing guys are looking to get bummed its fu**ing gay
Because men's facial hair, is harder and coarser, thus waxing would a take longer and do more damage to the skin. You would also have to do it over a period of time seeing as the wax wouldn't take all of the hair at once (because of the coarseness.).
Simple answer: no masculine. Men can shave, but waxing is not masculine, it's a metrosexual habit brought on by too much MTV consumption and the dilution of manliness by a society that hardly appreciates men as they were intended to be. Also, shaving while looking yourself in the mirror is often a time for contemplation and planning the future for many men.
we dont have to, because where good looking anyway
shaving is simple and easier

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