Should i go on an diet if I'm only 13 years old and if i did would it effect me?

im geting taller but i just keep gaining weight but you cant see it on me but if im gaining fast and all that and im geting taller faster should i slow done on my eating happits.
Answers:    no you shouldn't go on a diet, but you should eat healthy. if you are only 13 then you still have a lot to grow (men grow until they're 25) and so its important that you get the essential proteins and minerals to ensure you develop fully. going on a diet can have effects on your development physically as you are still of a growing age.
just make sure you eat healthy, drink plenty of water and limit junk food.
HOney being tall has NOTHING to do with what you eat. being taller makes u look thinner too! Lucky :) dont diet... your body will not develope right... yeah that means no booty or breasts!
A "diet" is not the right term for it, think more eating healthy.
Cut out the junk food and the soda, especially the soda, it's bad for your bones.
Also get active, not only will you keep from gaining weight in unwanted areas you will gain more in wanted areas( height, muscle.)

Do not stop eating meat and dairy that's for sure. Your bones and teeth need the calcium, not to mention the rest of your body. I do agree, as earlier stated, to cut the sugar. Lol, Im pretty sure you are not worried about not gaining breasts or butt.
stop eating meat for one and for two stop eating dairy and sugar,,,,,,,, stick to fruits, veggi's, nuts, grains and seeds and you will drop mad wheight for sure :) the healthy way!
Personally i don't believe in dieting. Its just a silly way of skipping exercise and eating a balanced diet. If you were say extremely overweight, then YES please go on a diet!! But don't do it because the celebs are doing it. Or you feel you need to be pressured into doing it!
How much are you eating? Cut down on your portion sizes. Eat less food, more times a day; i.e. snack bar here, apple there, etc. Small meals. To loose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. Go out and buy a fitness tape such as tae bo/ yoga or join a sports team. Swim. Jog a mile or 2 around your neighbourhood. Try to get about 30 minutes of exerxise that makes you sweat 3 to 5 times a week. Also, NO CRASH DIETING. You will ultimately just gain the weight back, and it will probably affact some of your major organs. That is just all around not a good idea. I'm 15 and in the process of loosing weight. Good luck!
no, your 13 and your body is still devoloping, it is very normal to gain weight very quickly at this age. here are some tips, do not eat when you are not hungry, replace junk with fruits, and excercise for about 20 minutes a few times a week, exercise is the key to weight control, but i wouldnt worry about it at 13 years, waitt until your body is fully developed until you start to worry about weight, good luck
The only reason to go on a diet is if you are overweight for your height and your age.

If you are eating sensibly ~~~ NO NEED TO DIET. Your body is growing taller and it needs proper nutrition and adequate fuel to stay healthy.

Be careful of Weight-watchers and other frozen and canned foods~~~ the foods are very high in sodium.
Be careful about what kind of diet to go on. My best advise to you is to check out Weight Watchers. I have been on several over the years but Weight Watchers is a very healthy eating plan to follow. My doctor has recommended it also. Check out the menus and eating suggestions on Dottis Weightloss Zone. I think it will help you out. Good luck.
At thirteen both boys and girls grow taller and put on more weight faster than ever. This is normal. If you try to cut down too much on what you are eating you may starve yourself which is very bad for your development and concentration, which you'll need at school.

What you need to do is eat healthily, which means lots of fruit, begetables, brown bread, cereals; and a bit of fat but not much, with chocolate and sweets only as treats.

Good luck.
this is called growing. By going on a diet in order to loose weight you risk stunting your growth and making your body very unhealthy.

However, if you are clincally overweight- this means a doctor has said you are overweight and this is NOT just the same as a little large or a bit chubby, then by all means see a dietition- which your doctor should have referred you to see if they feel you need to loose weight, and follow a healthy eating plan, involving eating all varieties of food from fats through to vegetables.

When you grow, it rarely happens smoothly, it happens in stops and spurts. One day you are one size of clothes, the next day the waist band wont do up. It happens as quickly as that. It can also come and sit on parts of your body you'd rather it didnt- chest, hips, aist..etc, this does not mean you are fat, it means you are healthy.

What is happening is your hormones are helping your body to grow and you to become healthy. Your body shape is likely to adjust and your shape become more defined but this takes time, your body will be doing waht it can to help you to become a healthy adult, but this bit takes a few years, and varies from person to person.

It takes time to adjust and wont keep happening forever and ever, try to sit it out. Wait untill you are 18 and if your still not happy about things, get some help to become healthier.

It would be a good idea if you could talk to someone about whats happening, not just for reassurance but also to let you know whats going on and if you can, talk to your mum or sister or even gran about things like this you may see how they grew and the rate that they grew, it may well be the same for you. I know mine is very similar to my mothers and my sisters.

Growth spurts are just that, they are spurts. The happen in bits, they do not go on forever even though it may feel that way.

13 is no age to go on a loosing weight diet- unless you are very over weight. Your body will need all the extra flesh and energy it can get to form new cells and bigger bones and stronger muscles. If you stunt it you run into all tpes of trouble that can really screw up your life for good.

Eat healthily by all means, but leave the dieting for mow. Theres more than enough time for all that when your much older!
If you are gaining weight and height, that seems normal.
The one is indicated by the other.
If you are overweight for any given height at your time of life, it may well be a short lived episode.
Eat healthy foods and I suspect that you will develop into a very well grown person.
I would urge you to take good notice of your diet, but to avoid the diet fascists who are only too keen to tell you exactly what their own programme tells you is good.
A balanced diet is not too hard to arrive at.
im 14 and the same thing was happing to me, what you have to do is not eat so much junk food treat yourself every once in a while. and diets arent bad for a 13 year old when i was of varsity foot ball for middle school when i was 13 my coach made me go on a diet and ever since then ive been in great shape.
short simple: wen yah grow u gain cant grow wit out gain!
Eat a balanced diet of normal foods and you should be ok
your body is going through massive changes dont do anything just let it settle then see how you are we all put on weight as we get older normally this is abouit 1-11/2 stone by the time we reach 17

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