Is there an operation to get one's penis 'reduced'?

Currently it is l-o-n-g-e-r than average
Answers:    date Loraina Bobbit.

actually even if you are larger than average with some practice and patience you can learn how to have sex without hurting your partner. let her be on top so she has control over how much is inserted and how fast. Once you know this important fact you can use you hand at the base of your penis as a stop so you do not go too deep. Also some women can take more length than others so just becareful and considerate. A womens vagina is designed to stretch(since a baby can come out of it) so if you go slow over time your girlfriend may be able to eventually take all of you.
you also have a case of wish full dreaming
Mate don't try to show off, people on dont give a crap that you think you got a giant penis, because you probably dont.
Leave it be! How many men wish they were you! and how many women wish their men had your problem!!
LOLLLLLLLLLLL actually a bloke asked me once if it could be too big and hurt ...cos apparently his wife complained... i said same thing... u trying to boast mate... but he was big...and it did bother advice... get rid of wife that complains...
Longer is better. The guy who can reach the fallopian tubes is a real stud.
You dont need reduction i think you need enlargement! and two inches isn'tn average so your little 4 incher isnt big
Wake up
keep it, are you kidding, people wish they were you, your lucky!!
you either might be gay and want to reduce it or you really don't have a l-o-n-g-e-r than average penis...your only making yourself look weird...
jesus why would u want to go and do that
Have you tried putting it in the freezer for a couple of hours?, because that should help it shrink!
Now why in the hell would you want a reduction down there most wish they were bigger..
stop bragging
thats a good thing to have a long dick
Yes there is an option. Get a pair of BOLT Cutters. Go for it. It'll hurt a lot but then you will be "average" and that is where we all want to be - right?

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