Is masturbating or sex not allowed for person with hernia?

my husband is feeling symptoms of hernia. is sex or masturbating not allowed for hernia patients?
Answers:    There is no rule that says not allowed. If it hurts find another way to do it. Usually woman on top is less strenuous for the man. When I had my hernia sex or masturbation was no problem. After the surgery sex was out of the question because of the pain, but careful masturbation was acceptable.
Make sure he sees a physician to find out if it indeed is a hernia. Hernias or other injuries of that nature in the groin area will become worse if he exerts any intra-abdominal pressure in that area...jogging, weight lifting, lifting heavy objects. Intercourse can cause pressure as well. If it is rather mild, he can probably assume positions which will minimize using his body weight to thrust. Woman on top as long as you don't bear your weight down on him would be "low impact." Ultimately, he should use his pain as his guide. If it causes pain, stop doing it.

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