I gotta cusin whos 12 he masterbates, will this effect his groth, hes about 5'2,5'3& 120 pounds?

he dose it dayly will this affect his hight or any thing
Answers:    No it does not affect his growth of hieght or body.If masturbates
the only which happen is ,his penis will get harder and thicker.
I am just wondering is it for you or your brother.If it is for your brother Leave him alone.
Do you check on him? (dude leave him alone) I'm sure he doesnt care about his height with all the fun he is having.

You weird asking this questions about your cousin.
No it wont hurt you at all or your fictional cousin.Enjoy.
keep pulling away, does no harm and is lots of fun. My only regret is I didn't start earlier.
It does not affect your/his growth, Have Fun!

In fact there are Healthy Benefits to masturbating.

you can masturbate several times a day if you like just don't over do it.

you;ll know when you or he has done it too much!

have fun, go play with yourself... :)

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