Is this ok?

me and my buddies often do things nude together. we play nude sports, swim, and watch tv. we are all 25. we have huge dicks, and big balls. Is this ok. When we run they bounce alot. it kinda turned me on. Also we shower together. and we wear tiny thongs. Sometimes we oil wrestle nude. is this ok. we're not time they rubbed **** for me, because my are was broken.
Answers:    Everything sounded fine until you mentioned the tiny thongs, and the wrestling, and the fact that you're 25. You're not married yet? I don't see a problem with being nude with, say, 2 of your best friends and just swimming or being curious and checking out each other's penises, as long as you're under 20, it can just be curiosity. But at 25? Come on! There's other guys out there who are married and have kids at age 25! And you're too busy wearing tiny thongs and wrestling naked with your friends?? I honestly don't think it's okay, and the fact that you do it "often" is not okay eather. You should really ask yourself if you're gay, who knows? You might end up making an important self-discovery about yourself.
Grow up and get off the computer before you mommy catches you writing dirty things
I believe in God!

:) Yahhh!
Sounds gay to me.very gay!
Well it's okay if you're gay, which it sounds like you are.
Its is not a bad thing, men can be with each other nude, that doesnt make you gay. For example, two of my male friends gave each other a bj out of curiosity, but they are both very straight.
no!that is not ok. that means you are gay..are you having a relationship with a girl?!
yall are gay
oh yea thats cool my buddies and i do that all the time. and sometimes i get turned on too.
what the f*ck? yes you are gay not that its a bad thing. i wish more guys were gay!! why you ask? because there will be more girls for me lol
well i don't know if you are gay about it, but you may be homosexual. if that didn't make sence, think about the other meaning of gay
no not really first of all its stupid you should put your clothes back on. you say your not gay well if you get turned by each other and girlfriends its wont mean your gay but it means your bi-sexual but if you have feelings and like doing your actvities maybe you should become gay or start acting like it
The sun rises in the west,the moon is blue cheese,water is not wet,the dessert is fertile,ice is warm and you are not gay,yea,like,right.
Sounds gay to me, no matter how much you try to deny it.

Yeah, your not gay! You are a pervert for sure!
You're not gay. You just don't have any inhibitions. Nothing wrong with that.
your a 25 y/o demented child

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