Is it okay if i Start Bench Pressing at 14 years old?

I really want to start it and i'm registering tommorrow... is this a young age to start?
Answers:    I believe its ok, but I would do extremely light weight. Your bones are still developing and you do not want to hurt your body's growth.
i see no reason why it would be bad.
Go ahead. Don't over do it though, you can acquire shoulder injuries later in life because of over use during the teen years.
Usually whole body training is desired to balance out the top and lower body. Keep in mind your growth plate in your legs. My Anatomy & Physiology Teacher along with a significant number of other's thought so.

It's not proven, but it is believed that excessive weight training on the lower body such as squats and leg presses can permanently stunt leg growth due to damage of the growth plate.
ya you can go ahead i started at 11yrs old when i hit puberty im 13 now

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