When eating, is it good for nuitrition to half swallow something so food is, essentially, in the throat?

To give the throat and upper respitory something to work with? It may feel uncomfortable but wash with water later? Is this why some people eat slowly and sit at the table for some time?
Answers:    No, you get nuitrition from food because it gets broken down in the stomach. That is where all the receptors are that absorb the nutriants from the food. Some people just eat slow because they don't want to over eat. It takes twenty minutes for the stomach to send the signal to the brain that it is full. Or some people are just slow.
What? No, dude.
Feel uncomfortable? It sounds more like choking to me. I do not understand how this could be good for nutrition, when the food had to be digested in the stomach to get the nutrition. Some people sit and eat slowly so that their stomach has a chance to send the brain the signal it is full.
NO. You could choke on it. Always chew your food thoroughly. That's why you have teeth.
it sounds like a good way to choke or get food in your lung or get esophagal cancer or something. I dont see how that could be useful. People take a long time eating because they chew a lot or are methodical in how they eat, like they might want to eat all of their peas first and only three peas at a time.
What a bizarre question!
no its not good, most people who stay a long time chew well and are spending a lot of time in conversation.

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