How can i grow taller when i'm 16 and i'm 5'2 and i'm a male?

i know its based on your parents height but its not true. my mom is 4'11 and my dad is 5'4..and i'm short for my age..i'm worried about friends mom is 4'10 and dad is 5'1 and he is 6'1 ..and his granparents were short da parent thingy is false..hwo can i grow me. i hate being push around cuz i'm short and i'm nothing..i'm lonely :(
Answers:    It is hard to say. Nothing stops you from getting a phenominal growth spurt, but you are almost finished growing
A chiropractor or osteopath might be able to straighten out any kinks you have in your spine to add an inch or two.
heck,if you can controll your height we all would be playing in the NBA.
Well I'm 15 and i'm 5'5. I've always been the tall. It has its advantages I'll admit but it aint that cool either. i mean when I stand next to my friends I look really old, like older than them, like I'm some freak who hangs out with people alot younger than them!
but I guess since your a guy it's not the same.
Not sure you'll agree to doing this but i heard jumping ropes (skipping) helps you grow taller. Also just jumping everyday helps.. like pick a really high wall or pole and evryday just try to jump and reach out, see if you can touch it, when you can you know you've grown.
take growth pills as simple as it is.
I'm 13 and I'm 5'6". It isn't all great. There aren't very many kids as tall as me. The only people who ask me out are the sticky little skinny tall guys, and they are so weird! All of the cuter guys are shorter than me, why would they go for me? Hey, be happy at your height.

I'm pretty lonely myself.

The really sad part, I'm only going to get taller. I have really tall genes in my mom's side. Like 6 footers. My bro is 6 foot, and my mom and dad are both 5'10", and my uncle and grandpa are both like 6 foot also.
Being biology student i just know is that ...u dont need to worry...u will keep on growing till you are keep cool.and also it depends upon the level of GST harmone in ur blood..if u do not grow with age.the doctor will give you GST.But do not worry...I am 19 years old and I am only 5''7.
take plenty vitamins n irn
ha ha ha ha im 13 and 5'8''

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