Inguinal hernia question?

My boyfriend just noticed a 'bump' in his groin area and had it checked out by a doctor yesterday. He said it is an inguinal hernia and gave him the number of a surgeon. The surgeon can't even look at him for another week yet, so the surgery probably won't take place for another two weeks yet. Is is okay to wait that long for the surgery? My boyfriend is very uncomfortable just walking and sitting. And is there anything else you can add about your experiences with this type of hernia. Thank you very much!
Answers:    Hey, I'm14, and I had the same hernia surgery in the groin area when i was 9, and I remember. The doctors took a long time to schedule the surgery, and two weeks is nothing to worry about...I don't rememeber being uncomfortable walking and sitting, so that might be just his experience. Once you go to the surgeon they ask you to cough, and do some tests to make sure it is only on one side of your body. They will also check how long the bump has been there. If you saw it early, its a simple and harmless procedure, but the surgeon will check if it has been there for a while, and he said that might cause complications. If you didn't already know, the "bump" is just bubble of air. And what I remember is that they use stiches to lift up the intestines so it wouldn't sink down so low and make the bubble. Your boyfriend should be scared at all, it was an out patient surgery. I went in at 7am, and went home at 11am. Only thing is that for a couple of days, they advised you not to eat too much solid food, and to drink jello water (lol) and soup. The wound from the stiches should heal in a week or so. And obviously the scar remains. Hope I was a help..good luck, tell him to eat ice cream and saltine crackers
Inguinal hernia on its own is not an emergency and many a times, if hernia is small, surgeons do not even operate until it starts hurting or giving problems. The important thing is to keep an any on obstruction or strangulated hernia, where lump is difficult to reduce and can cause problems, such cases would need emergency operation, the symptoms are painful lump in groin which can not be reduced back and associated vomiting or tummy pains.
Hernia is basically caused by weakness in the walls and cause the abdominal(tummy) contents including bowels to protrude out as a lump in groin area. It occurs commonly and uncomplicated hernia is not a major problem. Two weeks wait is reasonable as long a it does not get obstructed
hi there,
ive had inguinal hernia same as your boyfriend (bump in groin area), i was on waiting list from august 2006, and was due to be operated in 2006 december but they canelled it, then i was put on waiting list again, and was operated end of january 2007, so its ok to wait for a 2 weeks for your boyfriend, well i waited nearly 6 months, it does feel uncomfortable, NHS did keyhole surgery under general anasethetic, the operation is about 20-30 minutes.. but the recovery (FOR ME) was just over 1 week, i was getting quite a bit of pain AFTER THE OPERATION, but if you eat right which includes high in fibre food/cereals,tuna,chicken, ETC and walk in the park and walking in general. he will recover quick, to be honest with you, tell him not to worry about it and think to think positive, also tell him not to lift heavy stuff for couple of weeks, thats my story and the experience which i went through i am perfectally fit now, hope this really helps.. take care bye...

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