Is money more important than love?

I love someone who seem to need a good friend in his life right now. I want to be that friend for him and help him in a bad situation that he is... He says he likes having me in his life.. but too many people seem not to approve of your friendship even strangers.. I don't see anything wrong with him, he is very intelligent and have a good street smart, caring, loving, passionate, hard working, full of life experience, independent, funny and just a really sweet guy.. but the only thing most people seem to care is that right now he is having a bit of financial problem but he is still taking care of himself without anyone else help. I feel like if he was a complete opposite of who is but if he had a lots of money everyone would like him better. Most people think my family is rich and sometimes I hear the comment about me being a rich girl which is not really true. I don't act like rich girls but my family got an averge home, business and car. How do I stop others from trying to break us?
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i got money and i got about 50 lovers...'sall good
Not sure what your question is? Are you asking what kind of life you will have if you stay with this person? You need to ask him what his plans are in life. Will he go to school to earn a degree or learn a trade? What kinds of work is he interested in? Find out what he wants to do and then get him started by suggesting classes he can take that will help him ahead in life.
what it comes down to is whats most important to you. you have to live your life for yourself and not for everyone else.

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