Does a man pee the same if he is outside at a park with lots of people !?

Please answer these questions
Does a man pee the same
Does he have a harder time going
Does he shake
Does he unzip and use the slit ( Tell what you would do )
If a man has to pee and there is no restrooms around where does he pee at ? ( Tell me where you would )

Please answer with sense !
I choose the person with the best answer and the most details for the Best Answer !
Answers:    I Do exactly what i would normally do, i never used the zipper, i unbuckle and unbutton and i don't rush, i make sure my man is fully out and prepared to go and once im done if need be i shake and put him back in nice and steady. Mind you this is only if i have no other choice but to use outside areas but once that decision is made i am gonna do it how i was taught. no more no less.
i find a tree or somthing too pee beside cuz its uncool to do it in the open. than i just pull my pants down a little than i piss thats all to it
i would find a bush, tree, or a place a bit hidden or unvisited in the park (least used area) then i'd unzip relax & sooth myself so the pressure that has built up along the time i couldn't go is released slowly & is comfortable otherwise it hurts bad down their to the man. Finally when i let go of the fluid, relax shake of the final drops, place the man back in , zip him up & walk to my way just as if nothing has happened (act cool)
I would get the heck out of there and find a restroom or a secluded area. I'm not peeing where other people can see me. Just isn't appropriate.

Leave the park, go down the street, and find a nice, large bush. That's the manly way to do it.

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