Why do guys act different in public with his partner?

Normally they donĀ“t behave the same way when we are alone or in public.. Some of them at home are..nuts? But in public... none could be better, really charmings. And some others act the opposite.at home are ..."babies" and in public are...Uff!!
Is it a sexist way of living, driving us mad or just a kind of surprise not to get us bored.
Answers:    Alot of guys are like that. It's crazy. I can tell you so many guys are like that in my family. Its like their Sible.
that's a man for you
Dear sonia -- it depends on the guys you attract.
Try having a girl, it's like dealing with someone with 6 split personalities. You girls can be mad for no reason. Can change mood swings like there's no tomorrow. Maybe completely rational one second and a raving lunatic the next. If you think it's hard figuring out guys, trust me you have the easy end of the stick.
insecurities in people cause them to act in different ways. Often, one will act how he/she believes others think they act. Often people are afraid to show to others their true self. I am at all times, myself. At work, home, play, where ever. Some don't like me, but hey, that is their problem. I am being me. I don't need someone to like or dislike me for being something that I am not.

Its a guy thing
but we girls do it too.
You can't tell me that you don't
get possessive when there are
other girls looking at your man.
they want people to think their different at home. to
think they don't do anything wrong that their perfect. they
want people to think everything (their marriage) is
wonderful. their like dr.jekell and mr. hyde.
you can judge whatever you want.!!
People in general tend to be more comfortable with their significant others. Chances are that the man you see at home is the "real" man that he is. In public, he may feel the need to show off or exert his... power to those around him. He probably did that when you first met and then later warmed into you and showed you his true self.

Also, people like to attract attention. It's a subtle kind of flirting. It's the reason why men AND women with partners still want to look good in public. It's just nice knowing that other people are looking at you.
i need help

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