Can hair loss from roots be reversed?

I am loosing hair like anything for the past few months and they are being lost from roots. Now I am left with only very less amount of hair. Can this be reversed?
Answers:    Your body's level of DHT production (which is hereditary to some extent) is the main culprit of hiar loss. Case in point, it's hormonal. Either your body produces a lot of testosterone or you are genetically predisposed to being very sensitive to the effects of DHT. If you also have a lot of body hair or thick body hair it is definitely DHT levels.

It may also be from stress, a reaction to Sulfactants (common inside many of the cheaper soaps/shampoos/conditioners), or a poor diet high in transitive fats. It's not uncommon to develop hair loss as early as 17. I started losing mine at 25. If you don't want to see it progress than you need to do something about it now, because once the follicles have shrunken and closed for over 2 years or so it will be forever impossible to bring that hair back.

Consider Finasteride or Propecia, both of which come in generic versions which are available cheaper from international pharmacies (order online). Consuming lots of soy also helps somewhat, it is a testosterone atagonist to some degree. Be aware that balding is essentially an effect of testosterone, and as such any means to combat it will involve hormonal altercation which runs the (small but very real) risk of diminished sexual drive and/or function.

Topical Minixoidil (Rogaine) will help hair follicles open up and discourage shrinking but it alone is not enough to reverse balding, it will only slow it or enhance the effects of Finasteride/Propecia.

I hope that this helps. Be healthy be happy!
There is only one medication proven to stop hair loss and actually regrow hair, it's called Propecia but because of some side effects you'll need your doctor to prescribe it. For more information about it check the link below.
If the follicle dies, the hair will not grow back, even with drugs like Rogaine. The root can be removed and will grow back if the follicle is in good condition.

You will need a medical assessment to determine why you are losing your hair. If you have been exposed to a poison for example, you may lose your hair temporarily, and then it will grow back once the poison is out of your system. There are also some diseases that result in temporary hair loss.
Severe hair problems may cause anguish.Badly damaged hair breaks at the scalp. Here a few simple home remedies which can be tried at home to control hair fall. To treat hair loss apply a little lemon juice with some black tea. Massage well and shampoo.Rub oil into the scalp. Wring out a towel in hot water and wrap it on the head. Keep it on for 15 minutes. Shampoo and dry well.More such remedies at

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