Does any guy know this??

How do you make your buttock bigger and muscular??
those who really know can only answer stupid prank answer...
Answers:    Do the butt dance!
Why would you want this?
im not a guy but the obvious answer would be work out. one good excersis is flexing your butt muscles. like tighten and release.
like always SQUATS
lunges and donkey kicks
i swear! run up hills and stairs. you will have muscles no-one can resist!!
Riding a bike, lunges, leg press, yoga and pilates.any exercies that you have to use your buttocks.
The only thing i can think of are the standard butt exercises.
okay, i'm guessing that you're aiming to work on your gluteus maximus, however, there's also a gluteus minimus and medius to consider (gives the butt some width). the maximus flexes your hips so squats and lunges would basically help that. To tone your gluts, do more reps than weight. To gain strength (muscle mass), add more weights and less reps. The medius and minumus can be worked out when sidestepping or even using that machine where you open and close your legs (the girls are usually on that, you know what i'm talking about).
I'm thinking you don't so much want a "bigger" butt...but a more muscular..perhaps even defined behind..correct?

I would always go with squats.use lighter weights or no weights at all to start..

do what is called a breathing squat...breath in and squat..
exhale when you come up..go as deep as you can go down..let your upper thighs hit your calves..
do this 20 times and tell me that it isn't an effective butt workout..
once this becomes easily..trying using a lil weight..

you'll have a great behind in no time..

running is also an effective way to get a beauty booty
u gotta
squeex your but while tanding!--seriuosly

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