What can i do to re-sensitize my penis?

I am only 19, and everytime i masturbate now, it just doesn't feel good. I have to force ejaculate to even ejaculate, and it takes like 2 hours. I don't even think i can ejaculate now if i wanted

btw, i don't masturbate a lot, like once out of every 3 days
Answers:    Use penis oils . Best of them are here http://sex-health.improver.info...
Baby oil.
use things such as soaps and hand lotiosns and other stuff
you need your hormones checked out..if you have too much estrogen floating around, it makes it very difficult. Go to a doc and have tests done...this is not normal.
Anxiety can cause this. The more you stress over it.. the worse it gets.

Leave it alone for a couple of weeks. See how long you can last without masturbating. Set yourself a date to break the seal... get some KY jel, some beers, a bucket of chicken, and have a big porno night all to yourself, Try and relax. Take two hours to pop if you have to.

If that doesnt work, dude its tough news to break but you need to find yourself a partner :>
You could try "restoring" your foreskin. Circumcised guys who do this report an increase in sesnitivity once the glans is covered again. I can't speak from personal experience but that's the only way of resensitising I know of.
lol nvm try to use soap... (ouch...) use lubricant... get all the hell of feeling out of you... lol

or... last resort... find a girl and have sex.

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