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so i finally decided to shower with my son (this is normal...all fathers ahev bathed with their sons when they were little), and i taught him how to wash himself and how to keep hygiene...but it kind of made ne feel awkward because he kept looking at my penis and wondered why mine was hard and his wasnt, or vice versa...and he wanted to know why mine was all red and purple at the end and why it was hairy...i just told him donbt worry about it...but now i feel ba for lying to him and not telling him the truth.i know hes young and all...but should i give him the talk? help!?
Answers:    Just answer his questions nothing more. Any more info than what they ask for is not processed. Why did you have a hard on in front of your son?
just tell him when hes a man he will look more like you. thats enough
Certainly you should be explaining that as you grow up, you grow body hair, your genitals and other body parts grow larger. He is way to young to get the sex talk, other than to let him know that it is ok for you and mom to touch him and clean him, it is not ok for anyone else to be touching him down there or doing anything else. His is just curious, but can't comprehend the whole intercourse/ejaculation stuff at this time-wait until he is much closer to puberty.
If he wants to learn to shower by himself, let him, if he wants to shower with you, fine--make it a fun bonding time. Probably should be starting to shower by himself instead of having his mother help him anyway, but kids don't clean up well as you know, so it is important to monitor. We still fuss at our 11 yr old to wash her hair!@

Good luck.

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