What should i do after masturbating?

Is there any of kind specific food i should eat in order to make up for the loss of proteins and vitamins?
Answers:    milk

and don't smoke...
It's better to stop masturbating...!!
i never take any "special" food after i'm done. you don't even lose that much vitamins or anything.
forget that, just make sure you wash your hands. use antibacterial soap
Just clean up!
just maybe a sandwhich or nothing at all youll be fine
I take a nap.
You're talking about sexual act as a strong act being heavy on resources or just wasting a lot of energy. In stead a short run even will be a better exercise then! Sexual acts seems onerous because it's the brain (mind) mainly to be involved in!
You've to eat or drink nothing more or different because you just haven't lost so many proteins and vitamins!!
No, your body will regain by its self.
I dont even want to stop, but if you do then just eat something nonething special. Excersive would not hurt!
peanut butter and crackers -- dry.
Eat oysters!
dont worry about it. it would take a pretty huge load to have to eat somthing special to "make up for the lost protein". lol
As a doctor I would advise that you wash your hands and throw away the tissue *or sock* hide the porn and leave the bathroom looking as though you never even thought of pleasuring your self and then eat a lot of fruits as they make the sperm taste sweeter.
Have a nap and then eat as you usually would. You don't lose any proteins or vitamins when you masturbate.
dude...u ahve enough vitamins and protiens.dont worry about it
Dear dirty little boy,
well, besically you will never get a girlfriend if they know you are playing with little jimmy and the boys downstairs. so just stop doing it. and, in conclusion, dont drink and drive. and you wont have to worry about the vitamins.
IDK. I don't do anything.
If youre that worried about it just eat what you lose :)
What should you do after masturbating (thank you for spelling that right)? Get up,wash up, eat a big bowl of Total wheat mixed with Total raisin bran, with skim milk, no sugar, and a banana sliced up on top. Leave for work.
after you beat off you should clean up your mess
Only thing you need to do after masturnating is to clean up - use a tissue and flush it - and then wear a great big smile for the rest of the day. Follow a normal diet and you will be just fine. I average about ten - twelve times a week. Not twice every day but frequently twice a day. I have two kids and did not try for more. There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation! It is a perfectly normal healthy thing done by 98% of men (the other two percent are liars.)
You can be assured that:
- your penis will not get shorter;
- you will not grow hair on your palms;
- you will not go bald;
- you will not go to hell (at least because of masturbating);
- you will not lose your mind;
- you will not become sterile;
- your penis will not fall off;
- your chance of being struck by lightning is not increase.
But you will be:
- your penis will likely become stronger;
- more relaxed;
- smiling most of the time;
- a perfectly normal man.
So keep IT up and continue to enjoy.
After you have satisfied yourself, why not try the following:

The easiest and natural thing to do is to walk. So, choose a time of day when you are not busy and make that your walking moment. You do not have to power walk, but it must be continuous. That means every single day. No matter if you are on vacation or not. There is always walking to do. Start out going for a walk around your block for a week. Then the second week if you feel comfortable doing that then increase it to two blocks. Do not try to do more until you are comfortable walking two blocks. By the end of one month you will probably be at a comfort level where you can now walk for one hour up and one hour back to your home without getting winded, as long as you leisurely walk.

As I have mentioned before, do not power walk. Just leisurely walk non-stop every day. That includes in the rain and the snow and the heat. The key is to prepare yourself for the walk. If it is raining cats and dogs, don't bother with an umbrella. Get yourself a hooded raincoat and water galoshes. If it is snowing outside then buy a warm coat and scarf and gloves and boots. You might want to get a pair of dainty long johns and thermal socks. If it is hot outside, buy a headband and clothing that flecks the moisture away from your body.

You are not going to die of thirst in an hour at a leisurely pace so forget about the water bottle. Drink your water and empty your bladder before you leave the house, so that you will not be uncomfortable during your walk. Well, there you have it. One hour up and one hour back. No more, no less. Do not stop to pet the dog or smell the roses. Don't even stop to talk to your neighbors. Just smile and say hello and goodbye as you continue on your way. People will by now have noticed you have begun to slim down and will probably want to walk with you. It is alright to let them. But, stipulate to them that they must walk at YOUR PACE and on YOUR CHOSEN PATH! Resist the urge to power walk!

By now you are admiring yourself differently and have made walking a daily routine and it didn't cost you a thing. After you have been doing this for a good six months, it is well within reason that you want to do more for a variety. Well, good for you. Get out that ratty blanket that you keep on your bed and throw it on the floor. Now do get down there and strive to do five situps. Stop! I said 5! Only do 5. There's no race here. You are not in competition. Continue to only do five during the time that you have chosen to do them for one month. The second month if you choose to do so you may increase your situps to ten times each day. Continue to increase your situps ever every month until you reach fifty. Yes, I said 50! I know that you know someone who can do one hundred or more. But, you are not them and you asked for my advice. The reason that I make fifty a cut off point is because you want to make this a lifetime routine coupled with your walks and you don't want to risk hurting yourself or becoming bored.

As you do your walking and situp routines, don't forget to have fun.

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