Is it possible for grown man to grow taller after the age of 20?

What can be done to acheive this ?
Answers:    i think you keep going until about 25 - but only very very slowly, certainly after 18 / 19 growth seriously reduces. you probably got another centimeter or two left.
i dont think this can be improved(?) upon, not without surgery (like in the film gatica) involving opening your legs surgically and inserting rubber plates. long process, v painful.
This is a paradoxical question: If he is 'grown' it's impossible for him to 'grow'..sorry, I couldn't resist.
possible, but not great.
you are not tall im guessing, accept it, stop wishing for a miracle, only going to make yourself depressed
No, by the age of 20 what you see is all you are going to get. Other than destructive plastic surgery, which involves fracturing the long bones of you legs. You epiphyses ( the growth plates at the end of your bones) have all fused, making further growth impossible.

But it's concidered an illness. I had a 55 year old 6'6" friend who was still growing. It caused him a lot of difficulties in life, mainly aches and pains and bad joints, because it wasn't the balanced normal growth as when you are under 20.

One of his daily pills was meant as a way to stop or at least reduce that growth.

He died last year and it was suggested, but I don't know how scientifically correct this part is, that this growth problem was putting too much strain on his heart.
well in studies we were told that females stop growing from the age of 18 and males 21 i never did think that was fair but maybe thats as im small lol
a. yes

b. pull-ups
Yes, that can happen - it happened to me! I was much older than 20 at the time, though the growth was not much, and i was already over 6ft. Strange.
Another thing that can happen is that if you have been depressed for quite a while - not desperately so necessarily, maybe just pretty down - and then life brightens markedly, you may find your posture reflects that and you literally stand taller.

Something you may like to think about if this is an issue for you is the Alexander Technique (do a google) as this helps us to use our bodies to the greatest and healthiest advantage in all kinds of situations, including standing better. You'd be surprised how many people simply don't stand properly. Don't bother with any promises made about this or that drug or supplement.
In the end we are as we are re our height and what matters is the YOU that you are.
Good luck, if you need it!

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