Any one know of an herbal supplement to sustain an errection?

I’m looking for an herbal supplement the will give me a long lasting erection.
Has any one tried one that actually works?
Answers:    not exactly what you asked for but you might be interested.

CUL.AMERICAN GINSENG Root - Aphrodisiac, energy, sex stimulant

DAMIANA LEAF - sex stimulant

GINKGO LEAF - improve blood circulation

HYSSOP HERB - increases blood circulation

LICORICE ROOT - sex stimulant

SARSAPARILLA ROOT (Wild) - aphrodisiac, sex stimulant

TRUE BLUE SKULLCAP HERB - splendid to suppress excessive sexual desire 

WILD AMERICAN GINSENG Root - Sex stimulant, aphrodisiac, energy builder, longevity, male
hormones, aging, endurance. Does more for system than any other herb.

YOHIMBE BARK - Aphrodisiac, sex stimulant.

Herbal tea: Add 1/2 - 1 tsp. of dry herbs to a cup. Pour boiling Water over herbs until cup is full. Cover - Allow to steep for 30 minutes. Strain & Drink
There is no such thing - stop wasting your $$$
Just drink tea made with skimmed milk containing phosphorus. It helps sustain erection long
ZMA boosts your testosterone, so that might help...check out, there's some exercises on there for strengthening your erection muscle
If I were you, I would make an appointment with a urologist. It is doubtful is any herbal products is going to make a difference. Good luck !

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