Is it okay , safe, for men to wax their pubic hair?

Answers:    Yes, but I would get it done professionally, or you could be in a world of pain.
Perfectly safe, a bit painful but much preferred by women. :)
if that is your desire by all means go for it
No it will kill you. It is only possible for a women do this same exact thing and not be injured.
Just trim it with a beard&moustache trimmer that simple.
It's ok but I would wax just your skin around your penis and testicles ! Shave them ! K? Wax your butt too darlin and send me pics ! LMAO *smile*
yes it is and I think you should go and do it now... the sooner the better..and don't stop there have a few other areas done as well so you get that all American man look that you want and all the girls should chasing you in no time.have fun!!
Don't wax your testicles. It will set them on fire. You will be in a world of pain for a day or two. They will burn really bad. I'm not sure why you want to do this. Most women don't think a bald eagle is very attractive. Just shave your testicles with an electric shaver. That's all you have to do. Women do like that.

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