I had circum surgery 2years back, i need foreskin now in my *? can i re surgery?

i had a circum surgery2yers ago, it looks ugly, i need foreskin in my front bud, can i go for re-surgery? where this will be done?
Answers:    They can actually stretch the skin over to make a "new" foreskin
to my current knowledge it can't be undone. good luck dude.
I've read somewhere on the net that, If you stretch the skin on a regulart basis, it could grow back. I'll search for the site and post the link later.
See your doctor and ask him about the possibility of foreskin restoration. He should be able to advise you accordingly.
You can stretch the skin on the shaft of the penis to make what looks like a foreskin, but in fact this is just skin. The material you had removed was mucous membrane, and cannot be restored.

I'm afraid you have permanently lost the nerve endings and sensitivity that you had removed in the circumcision.
are you saying you want you foreskin back?
well unless you have any skin to put on u won't, any ways ur less likely to get std's without condoms when ur circumsized and it makes your penis look bigger, and the chicks dig it. whats not to like?
There is no such thing as foreskin restoration,you can only get something that resembles a foreskin.What you had removed when you requested that your penis be mutilated was skin that contained sensitive nerve endings,many,many nerve endings and that can never,ever be restored.Good luck with the "what looks like a foreskin" restoration.Cut in haste,repent at leisure.
No way..but why worry...it will not make any problem.chill
Question is WHY do you "NEED" it back? It will be very very difficult to do that.
Lots of men want their foreskin back but surgery is a very bad option. Stretching what remains will give the best result but you can never fully recover what you lost. The dartos muscle, ridged band and frenulum are gone forever, not to mention millions of lost nerve receptors. You can however achieve coverage of the glans, which improves sensitivity and the stretched skin will be good to masturbate with and act like lube during intercourse too.
The question should be whether you think that the organ looks ugly or your sexual partners think so. If they don't have any complaints, don't go for such a reversal.

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