My friend (male) has a lump on his breast..?

His mother's afraid it's a tumor, I'm just wondering what it could be, and what are the chances that it is / is not a tumor.

Answers:    Yes men can get breast cancer.

My brother had a benign golf ball sized lump in his breast when he was about 17. He had to have it removed.

My dad had a benign baseball size lump on front of his right shoulder area that had to be removed.

It is not unheard of. He should get it checked out.
Your friend needs to SEE A DOCTOR about his 'lump' ... and it could be 'breast cancer' so he should go AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
it's part of puberty unless he is passed that stage, its normal his nipple should look a little strange
Please have him see a doctor right away so they can take a biopsy. I lost a male cousin to cancerous tumor in the chest.. and a good friend who had chemo but died at age 30. Don't delay get that set up today!

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