Are bald men self concious?

tell me how a bald man feels
Answers:    i,m bald it sucks to be bald and i don,t have $2000 to get a hair trans plant. i hate it when people say go to hair club for men. girls mostly exnore bald at dances. it,s like tell girls he has bad genes,and dosen,t make a good mate to help make babys.if you don,t wear a hat they stare at me thing what is his problem he has no hair.but lucky enght some girls can see pass the head and see the real yes we are self concious of your hair.but it make us thing of being better people. so we can find a mate.
no..its just like tall or short people.some are some arent..depends on the person..
Only if there is a pretty female around and all the other men are not bald!
Only those who are vain.
its a bad feeling when it first happens, but then it grows on ya. once i realized that lots of women actually like it, then i let go of my worries and embraced it. Proud to be bald baby!
Hey/ a lot of men are shaving their heads
now-a-days bald is in
Yes but they have no reason to be. Look at what's in style !
Depends on the man. A large number of men tie their virility to their hair; yet, a number of famous men shaved their heads and were considered very masculine such as Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner.

A large number of women report in surveys they really don't care how much or little hair a man has on his head.
Very self conscious! I am losing my hair, and there is nothing I can do about it. That is what hurts the most. Men who shave their heads for the look have the option, but for those of us losing our hair, at least me, every time I am reminded of it , it makes me feel like I am losing something. My looks were not that great to begin with.
only if they lost their brains with their hair...
Some are, until they finally come to their senses.
yeah. look at howey mandel and chirs dawltey (i f uped the spelling of them) their all famous and bald.

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