My name is Ajay.Since last 5 years I am suffering from wet dream will it effect my sex life?

I get wet dream once in a week per month. I have taken medicine on my doctor's advice but it did not work most,then he said it's natural getting wet dream once in a week don't woory. He further said even twice in a week will not cause any problem. I have a question to you - is wet dream harmful in any sense?
Answers:    Yes, it makes the sheets dirty. Masturbate instead and that will fix your problem. Better still get a woman.
If you are between 10 and 20 it's about as natural as breathing, buddy! Or sneezing, for that matter.
Don't worry, and don't make a big deal out of it.
It's just your manly parts going through their 'testing' stage.
Think of it as 'shooting practice,' not misfire from your new manly weapon.
Your doctor is correct, nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) are perfectly normal and are not harmful in any sense.
you need to masturbate at least once a day.otherwise you can keep your pants wet everynight.

here's the trick in stoping wet dreams...

masturbate atleast once a day... (i do it thrice a day...)

the reason why you have wet dreams is that your'e not releasing your semens... so have your self alone and start pumping your penis... or try having sex... just release your semen...
WHAT is < Once in a week per month > ?

Is it once in a week ?


Is it once in a month ?

Which One ?
That is perfectly normal. Do not worry at all. This will not affect your future or present sex life.
wet dreams means night does not effect your sex is good for your sex life.if u r getting wet dreams that means your sexual power is increasing and is normal.
wet dreams are perfectly normal, don't worry about it
there is nothing wrong with wet dreams, i haven't had one for ages. but they feel pretty good when they happen until you have to wash the sheets. just have a bat couple of times a week. you'll be right
there is no harm of having wet dreams. I love it compare to nightmare
definitely not!. every one of your age have this no necessary to visit doctors.
Start masturbating as males of your age do and there will be no more wet dreams.
Wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions, are not harmful at all and will not affect your sex life. Wet dreams occur when excess semen is released during sleep, often as a result of having had an erotic or exciting dream. If you want to avoid having wet dreams, masturbate before you go to sleep at night.
It's no big deal. I'm a girl and I get them all the time, I just don't get it all over the sheets so my bf doesn't even know. Any girl you're with should be understanding of this, and it might stop once you start having sex on a regular basis. Wet dreams are perfectly natural, nothing to worry about.
No, it wouldn't affect your sex life even if you have been having wet dreams since the last 50 years.
its actually a good thing, it shows ur testicles are working properly

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