Prostate Exams what do they do?

What Happens when you have a prostate exam give all details please!
Answers:    the doctor sticks his finger up a mans @ss and feels the prostate glan to see if he has cancer. (only men get the exam)
doctor greases up glove and probes anal cavity with finger to check for any abnormality
from what I understand they do a blood test only, but only if you don't have any complaints. If you go in saying you feel sick and can't urinate then they do the exam with their finger.
Your not going to want to hear this but it's an anal exam.. the Dr will put on gloves.. us a lubircant and well I think you get the idea...

If he finds problems during the digital exam he will usually order blood tests and an ultra sound. YES the ultra sound wand goes in the same way the digital exam did...

Please do not let this stop you from having the exam... prostate cancer is one of those cureable cancers.. and the sooner it is found and fixed the better.

good luck
Their are not a lot of details. The man takes his pants down bends over and the doctor sticks a finger in his rectum and feels the prostate. The man can also have a blood test which gives the level of hormons in the blood produced by the prostate. It is quick and easy but most men avoid it because who wants a finger up their rectum even for a few seconds.
they check to make sure the prostate is not enlarged which could be sign of prostate cancer
all of the above
Be careful! If the doctor has both of his hands on your shoulders during the exam and the exam lasts for more than a few seconds, and he has a big smile on his face, then you know you have been pleasured. Call the cops!
All of the above!

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