Ok I know guys can't be um...You'll figure out my question?

I've noticed my friend lost some weight. I wouldn't call it some though. I finally used that retarded "Find your friends" and I had only one friend left because all the others had died...and I don't want him to die too. Um he isn't really thin like...

But more like Hilary Duff skinny. She isn't that thin. I don't think guys could get anorexia but before in school he was like Arnold Swarz now. I haven't seen him for 6 years. Doesn't seem very long but if you were away from your bestestestestest friend you would miss them for six years. I hope you figured out my question. ...Is this anorexia. Yesterday he called me and he mentioned he was only 97 pounds...
Answers:    He sounds like he's anorexic or bulimic. It's a misconception that it is a disease only women get. Men simply get it less frequently. He is ill with something to be that thin.
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Close but not yet. but get him to eat more, healthy, and maintain avereage weight
Yes men can have anorexia or bulemia. It's actually more common than many people realize. Does he try to lose weight on purpose or does he have a different medical condition? Why don't you talk with him about your concern over his weight?
perhaps or depression the best thing to do is to slowly get him going again by staying by his side and gaining back 6 years of trust then maybe you will know...
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Yes, guys can have anorexia. That's about all I could figure out from what you posted here. You haven't seen him (your bestestestest friend) in 6 years? How do you know he's really 97 lbs? I think if you are so close to him, you had better talk to his parents and see what's truly going on.
Wow, that seems like a LOT of weight loss. He went form being a built dude to 96 lbs? I am not sure about anorexia, but he has definately lost some weight! Why don't you ask him about it?

Perhaps you guys werent just best friends...maybe he liked you a bit more than you thought?
sweetie guys can get anerexia too! it's just more comnly foud in women bcuz we see all of tose way to skinny modles on the runway & consider ourselves fat!! just tell him that he should go c a doc & or talk to his parents about it!
OK, assuming that photo is real, the model has less than 1% bodyfat. She has lot a lot of muscle mass; called sarcopenia.

That is what happens to people who do not eat, and people who get older.

You stop it by doing weightlifting, aerobics, stretching, and nutrition. The choice is yours.
Could be anorexia or he could be sick in other ways. Maybe his call to you was him reaching out to you. Get in touch , reestablish your old friendship , maybe he'll open up to you. Maybe you could talk to a doctor or psychiatrist first to be prepared. Don't try to pressure him though, just be his friend.
It can be anorexia unless he has AIDS or some other horrible condition. What a gross picture. the dieing.
Guys can get anorexia. It's rare but not unheard of. It sounds like he has a serious problem but only a doctor can diagnose anorexia and even then they have to examine the person. Why not just ask him if he was trying to lose the weight or if he's been ill?
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well first off alot of guys don't fall into the usual girl trap..

alot of boys think they are all that despite the fact that they are grossly overweight,

But guys are also body conscious...usually we don't diet..but get hooked on athletics/bodybuilding/using drugs and steroids etc.
We also tend to abuse exercise such as constant running or overlifting weights..

We tend to view being a man as someone who is powerful/big/muscular..
We tend to view being a woman as someone who has a tiny frame/ is skinny or delicate..

But there are alot of boy who don't like their bodies either..don't like man boobs or a pot belly...the easiest way is to starve oneself..
But that becomes addictive..one loses the gut and one starts to feel better about oneself..one starts to gain confidence and then thinks perhaps they should shed some more weight..
it really is a vicious cycle..

Your friend might actually have some sort of disease...I think it is rare that someone who is a bodybuilder type would transfer over into hillary duff territory..
perhaps he has something like AIDS..

addiction comes in alot of forms...bodybuidling can be as devistating as an eating disorder..it's just that noone really wishes to hear it's story..
they see a healthy man..much like the gambler that wins..
without seeing the damage being done inside..
yep, sounds like some kind of eating disorder or health issue many other things can cause this but please have him go to the doctor as he sure needs help dont wait...
Well, normally people ask questions.. not make others try and guess the question.. but I guess that weight loss can be caused by a lot of things, including severe illnesses, drug dependancies, trauma and mental health. Your friend may be suffering from any one or a combination of these.

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