Whats wrong with my penis? 27yrsold?

whats wrong with me? sometimes i have a ** creamy discharge that comes out by its self (not after releasing the baby batter, spanking the monkey or flogging the dolphin) i got this after a one nightstand with some *. Can you guys help?
Answers:    You might have an STD, or it might just be sperm. Sometimes, if you don't get rid of all the sperm after you ejaculate, some will come out of your penis. I would go see the doctor, he'll tell you the facts. Good luck.
Go see a doctor.Sounds like you have a S.T.D.
well u could just have some extra creamy substance in there and it just needs to get out of there or it could be and std or another infection! get checked out!
you f----d go see doctor
not good, see a doctor ASAP
That sounds an awful lot like it could be gonorrhea, an STD.

Go to a sex health clinic for some tests... and don't have sex with anyone, unless you intend ot ring them up and break the good news.
you may have just a yeast infection or and std. go and get checked. and the next time bag it!
Sorry, sounds like you have an STD and need medicine to get over it please go to a clinic...
You need a doctor fast. You probably won't have to ever worry about supporting children. Gee, hope they don't have to cut it off. It may be too late.
your one night stand earned you a trip to the local sexually transmitted infection clinic to drop your pants and have yoru penis checked out. Once they ascertain which infecton you have they will prescribe the right medication.

Do not under any circumstances take this lightly. Some STI's are deadly.

So rush to get your penis checked right now!!

And next time, do as your mother said and wear your rubbers when going into the wet...

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