What do guys think of gurls who watch porn??

It turns me on especially when I watch it with them.I think it's ok you really can learn from watching porn..
guess girls like to watch someone else doing it, since they can't watch themselves
Are not Girls Human ? If we guys see and enjoy it , it is the same to Girls who likes to enjoy . Am I right ?
All of the above.Why should it be any different for a girl to watch porn than for a guy.
lets watch together
Not much. I find it difficult to think that any woman would.
I think its hot as h*ll. Its getting me hard thinking about it! Email me if you like we can talk about it more! I love to watch porn with a girl and watch her masturbate, yummy!
If I were single, I don't know if I'd be willing to enter a relationship with a girl who doesn't.

They are great
they are HOT
I think it's interesting and sexy. Why would a Guy think any different of you.
I think it's great, especially if she wants to try some of the techniques on me.
That's damn sexy

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