Why do i laugh out loud during sex??

when i am having sex with bf (he is really GOOD at it) i start laughing and then sometime when i'm going to c*m i start laughing. he doesn't like this how can i stop it and what causing it. i love him and he's my best friend too.guys what would u feel if a girl laughed durin sex but she wasn't laughing at ur "actions?"
Answers:    because ur special. everyone is different. he just have to get used to it
I use to date a girl and when it come time for her to c** she started crying. scared the p*ss out of me
tell him to stop f'in worrying and u laugh bcoz ur gettin a big high - something chemically happening in u that makes u want to do it. if he can't accept it well thats tuff on him.
Because youre crazy!
make some crazy sounds instead of laughing

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